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Dangerous Girls

Dangerous Girls - Abigail Haas, Abby McDonald Read more reviews at What Danielle Did NextIt's taken me three weeks to calm down enough to write this review and then I had to go and open the book up and the panic and crazy eyes are back people!This book is just the most epic mind f**k ever and I LOVED every minute! I love to read but I also love my sleep so even if the book is THE BEST BOOK EVER, you can pretty much guarantee that when the clock chimes 11.30pm this chica is looking for her sleep mask and getting snuggly - NO exceptions. So when I was on twitter freaking out at 2.3o in the morning about the fact that I may be a bit of a psychopath because of how much I adored this book then people...that is what we call a winner! We may also need to call a therapist...just sayin' O_OI now get why Joey puts his books in the freezer and while I'm aching to get my hands on a physical copy of this, it won't live on my night-stand. It's going in the freezer. Seriously I can't wake up and have it looking at me. It's already given me too many ideas...Watch out enemies! Danger Dani is about! So there are 3 major players in this book, Anna, her boyfriend Tate and her best friend Elise. Anna wasn't the most popular girl around when she transferred to a posh new private school. When Elise takes notice and befriends her, Anna's life changes. Suddenly she's part of the IT group at school and hottest guy on campus, Tate is courting her something fierce. Anna and Elise quickly fall into that deep, all consuming, straight girl love...you've probably experienced it at some point if you're a chick, where you are joined at the hip, feel like no-one knows you better, get crazy jealous when you find out she went to the movies with that bitch you hate! Sound familiar? No...Oh so maybe I AM the only psychopath in the room! Let me tell you about the extreme awkwardness when me and my girlfriends went to see that Jessica Alba movie "Honey" and we forgot to text...never mind!Back to spiralling over this book. Anyway if you've ever seen that movie "Heavenly Creatures" with Kate Winslet then you have an idea of Anna and Elise's friendship. Throw a boy into the mix and things are going to get cray cray! When Elise turns up bludgeoned to death - (It's so wrong that it gave me a happy isn't it? WAIT...Who are those men in white coats outside my door?? Did you sell me out? What do you mean who am I talking to? YOU! Right there! I'm looking at you! Am I scaring you? Please don't take me away!) Anna and Tate are prime suspects. Haas played this story beautifully. She kept me guessing from page one to well I'm still guessing because the ending is just utter brilliance! The FEELS, the myriad of emotion that shot through me, my pulse raced, I got that feeling of extreme heat throbbing through my head as I thought I would pass out from twist after twist after twist. The plot has many similarities to the Meredith Kercher murder trial starring Amanda Knox (yeah I really just wrote that) and it was utterly compelling to see it play out. As Anna's character is dragged through the mud by people she thought she could love and trust who then committed the brutal crime of betrayal was beyond difficult to sit and read. I was jumping and flailing around as my blood literally boiled in seething anger as the simplest of scenarios were twisted into sickening, incriminatory evidence of Anna's wrong doing. It made me wonder how I would cope being in the same scenario (NOT being accused of murder, I'm crazy not stupid! I'd totally get away with it...do the FBI read blog posts??) But having all your friends, the people you trust, abandon you like that. At times this book felt like Game of Thrones, who's going to fall next??Okay let's be serious for a minute. The book gave a great insight into the legal system in Aruba and just how utterly skewed it would be for a trial that would gain such notoriety and international attention. The fact that the investigator was also the prosecutor was baffling to me particularly in relation to certain aspects of Anna's case. Having followed a similar trial involving the murder of an Irish girl visiting a neighbouring Island, it became clear just how easily evidence could be tampered with. There are not enough adjectives to describe the feelings and reactions this book will stir in you. Utterly compelling, intense, fascinating, DANGEROUS GIRLS is one amazing novel and a must-read! Just make sure you take your crazy pills before hand!