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Real (Real, Raw & Ripped, #1)

Real - Katy Evans Read more reviews at What Danielle Did Next- Well...where do I begin? Remington "Rip Tide" Tate...come over here and purr at me. - What? Sorry! Lost my train of thought there! Ahem, Down to business Dani! - I'd like to get down with...Sorry! Lost myself again! Let's start over shall we? Remy...STOP!- Seriously...this time. No I lost it again, I'll be in my bunk...-And I'm back. Don't ask! Real could have gone two ways for me (- Remy could go any way...STOP!) It was one of those books that just yelled at me to make fun of it - and I did at times but then it surprised me by becoming so much more than it's raunchy, slightly cringe-worthy, naughty fiction status. It showed itself to have real depth and emotion and had me literally screaming (- That was Remy! - Shut up!) at times that my heart couldn't take any more. It was truly a book of two halves with the first half just one big session of foreplay before we really got to know the characters and care for them.Real is the story of Brooke Dumas, former Olympic hopeful who's dreams of winning the Gold are shattered along with her knee in a freak accident on the track. Picking herself up from a depressive spiral of self pity and pain, Brooke has remoulded herself into a Sports Therapist who's looking for work the night her best friend Melanie drags her to an Underground Fight where she locks eyes with Remy Tate and her world changes forever. Okay let's be "Real" for a second (see what I did there? ;p) I honestly didn't really get what Remy saw in Brooke that caused such a visceral reaction of pure animal lust and as the book went on I liked her less and less. Brooke was very much driven by her lady garden in this book. Seriously, the entire book, her "sex muscles clench" (NOT my words trust me) and they don't release! She was more turned on than a fourteen year old boy who discovers what his "sex muscle" (can't help myself) is for and doesn't come out of the bathroom for a weekend. She begs Remy to make love to her over and over and it got a bit demeaning to be honest! Like have some self respect girlfriend! She was also a bit of a loose cannon, particularly when a major secret of Remy's is uncovered and we realise just how regimented his life has to be. Instead of ensuring things run smoothly, Brooke deliberately rocks the boat in favour of her selfish whims. She doesn't just cross the line at times, she comes dangerously close to destroying it. Remy at first appears to be the typical NA "Grunt" with a pea-sized brain. Horridly possessive and obsessive at times, his control over Brooke appears disturbing however as the book unfolds we discover just what a delicate grip he has on his life and those around him rely on him keeping it together. His sacrifices for Brooke made me weep at times and he truly grew as a character. The sexual tension was blisteringly hot. By the time they actually did the deed I was as unravelled as Brooke was! However as hot as the prolonged foreplay was, the real gem of the story was the quiet moments when Remy and Brooke bonded over their love of music and used it as a way to communicate their innermost thoughts, desires and fears without fully letting go. When we find out later why music is so important to Remy my heart melted. I swear after you read this book you will never listen to Goo Goo Doll's "Iris" the same way again. This book is dripping sex and it got a little much at times partly because of the many cringe-worthy euphemisms used for the female genitalia, surprisingly tho this complaint mostly centres on the first half of the book with the prolonged displays of sexual frotting that two frustrated Christian teens stealing moments away from the Pastor would be proud of. The actual sex scenes are handled with a tenderness that juxtaposes with the somewhat animalistic tendencies of one Remy Tate. Scenting anyone? The last 15% of the book was an emotional roller coaster that I needed days to recover from. My heart pounded as Brooke and Remy's world fell apart seemingly beyond repair. The secrets divulged stunned me and I was breathless by the end. It wasn't without its faults and it was the embodiment of CRINGE at times but it was definitely more than the sum of its parts. Steamy, emotional, and utterly consuming, I dare you not to get caught in Remy's spell! Where's book two?