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Keeping Her

Keeping Her - Cora Carmack I can’t explain how nervous I was when I picked up Losing It. Still a novice when it came to New Adult, my introduction to the category hadn’t always been…successful. I was wary of certain themes particularly virginity and the idea that it was something wrong to possess after a certain age and it’s apparent need to be dispensed with as quickly as possible in order to be considered “normal”. So when I picked up LOSING IT, a book based around the topic I was certain this was a car crash waiting to happen. Happily Cora Carmack’s sensitive, warm and evocative writing quickly dispelled my fears and I fell in love with her realistic,charming and all-round loveable characters. Following Bliss and Garrick’s path towards true love was captivating and the sneak peak we got into their lives in the equally amazing FAKING IT wasn’t enough. Thankfully Cora Carmack is all sorts of awesome and gives us KEEPING HER – an update on how Bliss and Garrick are getting on.Set approximately a year after LOSING IT, Bliss and Garrick are firmly ensconced in domestic bliss, living in Philly, super busy and successful in their respective careers in the theatre. An upcoming trip to London to finally meet with Garrick’s parents and friends weighs heavily on the couple’s minds. Bliss is terrified that she’ll make a bad impression and probably set her hair on fire and Garrick is nervous about facing his past and the collision of the man he used to be with the man he is now.Despite the (TOO) short length of this novella, Carmack really packs it in. We get a clear picture into how Bliss and Garrick have grown and connected as a couple, becoming a solid team, totally in love but still susceptible to both their own insecurities and outside pressures. I loved reading how they sorted through their issues and came out stronger in the end. There’s a major plot-line which causes all the chaos which I CANNOT spoil because it was so exciting and had me on tenterhooks and clicking desperately page after page to find out how it would all end up and I can only say when you come to the end you’ll probably scream NOOOOOOO that CC would leave you there…right there! Seriously can’t we have like a monthly newsletter or something? This cannot be the end!Packed full of awesome pop culture references (If you don’t know who Alex Mack is you need to plan a DVD marathon like yesterday!) and fab new characters including the irrepressible Rowland and mischievous Graham and let’s not forget the chilly (I called her a cold fish) Mrs. Taylor! Eek! KEEPING HER is the perfect companion to Carmack’s amazing LOSING IT series. With FINDING IT’s release day around the corner it was just enough to keep us Bliss and Garrick fans both satisfied and asking (begging) for just.a.little.bit.more…please?READ THIS SERIES NOW!