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No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached - Nicolette Day See more reviews at What Danielle Did NextNo Strings Attached really surprised me! I had just read a couple of books that left me emotionally drained and I needed a Palate Cleanser. A short, quick, hot sweet read that would ease my brain and No Strings Attached was just that but so much more. For such a short story it really packs a lot of heart into the pages and I came away really rooting for the characters and wanting to know more. Hayden plays it safe - always the nice, good girl, her heart is broken by a cheating ex and wanting a fresh start she takes a risk and lands the job of a lifetime taking pictures for Time Magazine abroad. Fed up of the predictable, she decides that on her last night in the US she will throw caution to the wind and have one night of anonymous hot sex to get it out of her system. What she doesn't count on is Jace. Jace, her gorgeous, supportive, sweet best friend since childhood who's suddenly giving her the cold shoulder and seems desperate to throw a spanner in the works. When Hayden sneaks into the store-room of his bar for an illicit tryst with a random she's met on the dance-floor, she finds herself instead in the arms of her best friend. Sparks fly and truths come out - will it end in happiness or tears? This was one seriously hot little novella! I needed a nice cool drink of water after to lower the temperature. Nicolette Day sure knows how to write chemistry and Hayden and Jace have boatloads. I loved their relationship, both clearly mean the world to each other, Jace and his brother Nate have taken care of Hayden since they were kids and Hayden was Jace's rock when his mom was sick with cancer. Always skirting around the issue of their true feelings for each other, when they get locked in the store room together and forced to confront their feelings for each other the pages sizzle. I was gasping for breath by the end! The characters are really well realised and the emotional depth and story really captured my attention. I also loved how Day turns things on its head and has the man making the sacrifices for a change! It was a nice surprise. It's summer, the weather is hot and this story is the perfect companion for the poolside! Just make sure to drink plenty of fluids, this one will raise your temperature whatever the weather! ;)