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Confessions of a Chalet Girl

Confessions of a Chalet Girl - Lorraine   Wilson Read more reviews at What Danielle Did NextConfessions of a Chalet Girl may be set in the chilly resort of Verbier but it’s the perfect summer read to warm you up especially when the climate is more “depths of winter than beach weather!”This book was not what I was expecting (in a very good way)! It’s a quick fun romantic read but with a twist. The characters are facing difficult painful times in their personal lives and that extra dimension really made me care for them. Usually with romance novellas I devour them and forget about them just as quick but I know that this one will stay with me which is a testament to the author and I’m delighted I got a chance to read her work.Holly, a young English girl has taken a job in an exclusive Ski resort in Switzerland. It was supposed to be a winter escape from the monotony of home life with her best friend but when circumstances change, Holly is left with no choice but to take the job on her own. Holly hasn’t had much opportunity for fun lately, her mum’s troubled past has coloured her outlook on life and she finds it difficult to let go. I really felt for Holly – I understood her reluctance and fear at the unknown and that need for control to feel safe. When she meets the handsome Scott, who happens to be her boss…sparks fly and Holly has a chance to experience life without regrets.Scott, at first appears the typical “Romance Cad”, handsome, rich, smooth but Wilson adds some unexpected layers to his character and when I found out about his own hidden pain, I couldn’t help but sympathise. Holly and Scott are definitely two halves of the same coin and watching as they challenge each other to break down the walls protecting their hearts meant I couldn’t help but root for them.There is of course the steamy bits which are – very pleasant lol and Holly and Scott’s chemistry sizzles on the page. I loved the supporting cast from the fun friends to the mean girl and they rounded out the story nicely.I have ONE complaint about this book…it’s too short! I absolutely loved reading about Holly and Scott and was aching to know more. I felt that it was slightly rushed but was surprised how in-depth and realistic Wilson was able to make the story considering it’s length.This is definitely a fun story to enjoy beside the pool, on the train or vegging on the couch. You’ll definitely find yourself wishing you could be trudging through the soft white powder for some aprés-ski fun. Now where’s the holiday brochure?