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Pivot Point

Pivot Point - For more reviews check out What Danielle Did NextEver want to kick yourself for waiting so long to read a book? Yes? Great! ME TOO!Pivot Point...where do I even begin?Okay - so I'm a firm believer in that we make our own destiny with just a little sprinkle of fate to help us on the way. That Movie - "Sliding Doors"? I adore how we get to see how life can turn out if we take the other path. Being able to do it though? I think I'd probably be all talk and no action because that's a lot of terrifying power.Addie can see the road less travelled, She's a Searcher and has the ability to look ahead and decide based on what she sees how her life can turn out. When her parents announce they are getting a divorce Addie is devastated and persuaded by her best friend Laila to do a Search and see which parent to live with would be the better choice. Addie knows it's a risk to look ahead, what she doesn't realise is just how big a risk it truly is.I read the blurb twice before I started Pivot Point and I still didn't really know what I was getting into with this book. In a way it almost reminded me of Harry Potter, with the Para's living out secret lives in plain sight of the Norm's. Needless to say I was delighted to get a fresh, entertaining and above all riveting story with awesome characters! The Paranormal community consists of people with abilities as wide ranging as Telekinesis, Mood Control, Mind Erasing and Addie's rare talent to Search. They mostly live on The Compound away from the Norm community, interacting with them under heavy instruction to never let outsiders know the truth about who they really are. I loved how "normal" West made the Para community, I never felt like I had to suspend disbelief or roll my eyes at an implausible storyline which happens quite often in Paranormal/Contemporary mix novels. Each alternating chapter focuses on the path Addie would take if she moved in with her Mother or her Father. Her mom chooses to stay in the Para community on the compound so we got to know how this secret world operates, the attitudes the people hold towards the outside world and the lengths they go to manipulate their successes when using their talents in their everyday interactions with the Norm world. Addie's dad takes a job with the FBI to assist in cases pertaining to the Para community and we see how Addie must adjust to life on the outside, dealing with less advanced technology and ways of thinking. Both story-lines were equally compelling and my heart was pounding at times as they crossed over and we saw how a simple decision could have world-rocking consequences. I made my decision pretty early which path I hoped Addie would choose and who I personally would trust and *pats self on the back* I was right although it was amazing to read how Addie came to make her choices. Addie was a wonderful MC, she was independent, confident, snarky, kind, just all-round kick ass nice girl and in both story-lines she was equally captivating as our heroine. I never stopped rooting for her from day one. I loved her relationships with her parents, I found them realistic and full of love which was a pleasant surprise considering the trend of the disappearing parents in YA these days. While Addie remained steady and constant in both scenarios it was interesting to see how her choices affected the people around her. Her best friend Laila irritated the heck out of me in the "Para Path" however I adored her in the "Norm Path". It was also equally interesting to see how certain people - no matter what path you meet them on are the same, their true colours may not always be so transparent but eventually they will be revealed. There is of course the romance! While there are two guys there isn't a love triangle thankfully. Duke is the star football player, charismatic, handsome, it takes Addie a while to really take his attentions seriously but when she does she falls hard and fast. Trevor, cute, quiet, kind, he becomes the pillar for Addie to lean on as she adjusts to life with the Norms. I genuinely liked both guys at the start but I quickly made my choice and again *self high five* I was right! If you've read it let me know which guy stole your heart, I'm intrigued to see if we have the same taste! The story builds pace steadily until it gallops towards the finish with blistering speed and I couldn't put the book down until I found out which path Addie ultimately chose and the consequences of her decision. It's very rare that I come across a book that I can't fault on any aspect, technically or otherwise but Pivot Point is that book. The world-building was captivating, the characters well-drawn, realistic and consistent and the story - heart pounding, interesting and utterly thrilling. The ending was wholly satisfying to be considered a stand-alone but still leaves many avenues open for a sequel. With Split Second due out in February I await with bated breath to see just what paths lay before Addie and which she will choose!