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The Human

The Human - Keary Taylor See more reviews at What Danielle Did NextI am obsessed with Humanity's escalating over-reliance on technology, no lie on the day Skynet finally comes online I will be the one yelling "I TOLD YOU THIS DAY WOULD COME! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!" or most likely tweeting about it...on my iPhone...yeah I'm going to be one of the first to go...Keary Taylor's Eden series is robot crack for me. The literary edition of Terminator/Battlestar Galactica/Bladerunner, it ticks all the boxes I want in a sci-fi epic. In Eden's first outing "THE BANE" we meet Eve, enigmatic, detached, orphaned - she's become a vital member of the Eden community, a garden paradise where everyone pulls their weight to ensure Humanity survives The Bane - a terrifying cyborg race that infects humans with its insidious tech.When we pick up with Eve in THE HUMAN, she and Avian, along with some of the surviving members of The Bane's attack on Eden have travelled to LA and settled with a mysterious colony of Humans led by Royce creating New Eden. The Bane surrounding them have been neutralised with their miracle pulse and things are looking up.Eve has made her choice and is in love with Avian but West is still in the background - traumatized after being infected by The Bane, the extractor has managed to keep him alive. Unwilling to accept Eve's choice he's determined to win her back when a new group of humans arrive in New Eden and threaten the survival of the fledgling community.I loved Eve in THE BANE and she didn't disappoint in the sequel. As her emotional barriers are weakened she grows as a character into someone you really want to root for. Eve had a purpose in Eden, she was a protector/hunter/gatherer. In New Eden, her purpose has been taken away. She grows claustrophobic and depressed. I really felt for Eve, the girl who once could not understand the complexities of human emotion is suddenly drowning in them and even Avian cannot act as a life raft for her. Eve evolves past her original programming into a woman who is equal parts amazing and truly terrifying. Taylor's set up throughout this book ensures an explosive finale.I was a fan of both boys in THE BANE and that hasn't really changed. I know West's actions are infuriating at times in this book but I can see where he's coming from. He's been through a huge ordeal reaching out for the one thing that can steady him - Eve and she is unable to give him what he wants. West revealing the secrets he's kept from Eve was mind-blowing and I cannot wait to see it explored in the third instalment - THE EVE.Avian really comes into his own in this book - allowed to explore his abilities and not be restrained by necessity and duty. His relationship with Eve is deeper and more complex, the chemistry sizzles as the two grow closer. Their relationship becomes one of vital support and understanding and was one of my favourite developments in the book.There are some truly heart stopping moments that I want to rave about but can't! Sob - but needless to say Keary Taylor once again scored a home run with this amazing series. The last 30% was shock, after shock and left me reeling until the final climax knocked my socks off. Any questions I had about The Bane, Eve's origins and future were both teased and answered here, until I was quivering with delicious anticipation while fighting an urge to go Kathy Bates in Misery and demand THE EVE now!!!It's very rare for me to find a sequel that truly both complements and eclipses its predecessor but THE HUMAN is it. Fast paced, compelling, filled with tension, love, emotion and action packed, THE HUMAN was the perfect addition to this amazing series. Seriously, THE EVE? I need that like yesterday!