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In Stone - Louise D. Gornall 3.5 starsRead more reviews at What Danielle Did Next Gargoyles are the hot new paranormal entities in YA fiction these days it seems so I was really excited to read IN STONE and I'm glad to say it didn't disappoint.Beau Bailey has just been dumped and is wallowing in the park when she's attacked and a stranger forces her to take a mysterious knife home with her. Stunned by what she's just witnessed she is eager to hand over the knife and get on with her life. When gorgeous new boy in school Jack shows up demanding the knife which turns out to be the only weapon capable of killing immortals Beau unwittingly finds herself the key player in a centuries old war between the Demons and Gargoyles.IN STONE was a fun, witty paranormal romp with a kick ass heroine. I adored Beau, she was feisty, hilarious, with tons of attitude and her instant chemistry with Jack, a Gargoyle who does NOT look like the creepy dudes on top of the Notre Dame was sizzling. I was literally jumping up and down waiting for them to kiss as their flirty ways got more and more pronounced.I loved the introduction to this new world and characters. Gargoyles were not creatures I could ever imagine myself rooting for but Gornall does a great job in representing them as wise, caring and honourable characters. Jack is an old soul, he's courteous, sweet and well able for Beau's snark which is exactly what she needs after suffering a broken heart. Their friendship blossoming into a budding romance is the perfect accompaniment to the fast paced action as Beau and Jack race to ensure the knife is deposited safely away from the dangerous hands of the demons on their tails.The secondary characters especially Beau's mom were great and I loved the dynamic between Beau and her mom particularly after the revelations that whet the reader's appetite for book two!IN STONE is an hilarious read full of hijinks, passion, mystery and suspense that will draw you in from start to finish!